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Posted April 30, 2018

Police prepare for prom season drunk driving

Prom season is here, and police departments in Colorado are getting ready. They know that prom often leads to parties, drink and driving. They’re paying extra attention to see if they can catch those who may drive under the influence, especially when they are underage. One trooper said that prom did not just lead...
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Posted April 28, 2018

Pros and cons of using marijuana in Colorado

If you were to list your favorite things about Colorado, many of its recreational amenities might come to mind. If you happen to be an avid skier, then the state’s expansive slopes may be at the top of your favorite things list. Perhaps you enjoy living in Colorado because of laws that allow you...
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Posted April 26, 2018

Know your chemical testing rights before driving in Colorado

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when a seemingly routine or benign situation suddenly snowballed into a very serious problem? Such circumstances can be devastating under certain conditions. For instance, what if you are driving home after a social gathering at a friend’s house and forgot that one of your headlights...
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Posted April 20, 2018

8 tips for effective anger management

Many domestic violence calls come in after a momentary lapse in judgment, often due to an emotional outburst. A discussion turns into an argument and then one person lashes out. They regret it forever, but it’s too late by then. To help you avoid this situation entirely, here are eight anger management tips: Talk...
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Posted April 18, 2018

What Is Considered Resisting Arrest?

Resisting arrest sounds dramatic: Throwing punching, running away and physically trying to stop the police from taking you into custody. But is it really that straightforward? Could something minor leave you facing charges for resisting arrest, even if you do not feel like that’s what you were doing? Possibly. Experts warn that police officers...
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Posted April 13, 2018

Understanding how DUI traffic stops work

Drunk driving charges can bring a host of significant penalties that can have a severely negative impact on your life. You know that it is important to fight the charges against you, but you may not know where to start. It is always beneficial to understand how DUI traffic stops work in Colorado in order to determine...
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Posted April 5, 2018

Understanding your rights when police arrest you

When you get arrested, it can feel like you have no rights at all. The police just do whatever they want. They’re intimidating and clearly in charge, and you are forced to go along with it. The reality, though, is that you still have rights. It doesn’t matter how intimidating the officers are or...
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