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Posted September 28, 2018

Drunk driving prevention through easy alternative transportation

As drunk driving defense attorneys, we realize that we can probably help if you have been arrested on DUI charges. A large part of the services we and other DUI lawyers provide is working to understand the details of your arrest in order to build an effective strategy on your behalf. Although DUI cases...
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Posted September 22, 2018

Attention Colorado residents: These drugs are highly addictive

Colorado is known for its leniency regarding certain types of drugs. There are some types of drugs, however, that most people agree can be quite dangerous. Not only do they have high potentials for addiction, several of them are illegal. However, there are also substances, such as alcohol, that are perfectly legal to use...
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Posted September 20, 2018

Rethink your casual approach to Colorado drug charges

With the criminal focus largely removed from marijuana, many residents do not take drug charges seriously. However, there are plenty of reasons to take a serious approach to all drug charges, even those involving marijuana. Just because a state within America has chosen to allow the use and possession of a substance does not...
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Posted September 14, 2018

Criminal mischief charges often result in severe penalties

If you are like most Colorado citizens, you may think charges of criminal mischief do not warrant much apprehension. In some cases, such charges may be relatively minor, but other times, they could be classified as felonies. As you may know, all felony charges are very serious and require immediate action to protect one’s...
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Posted September 8, 2018

Mental, physical and legal problems associated with alcohol

Just because you enjoy getting together with friends in Colorado and imbibing alcohol, it doesn’t necessarily mean it creates a problem in your life. People can often control their use of alcohol without suffering negative repercussions. However, if you are currently facing a life problem related to alcohol, you are not alone in your...
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Posted September 6, 2018

Colorado man faces domestic violence charges after car collision

Relationships are difficult, whether people choose to enter them to create a family or they are born into them by family. Most people can settle disputes and vent frustration without the use of force, but members of families can be guilty of abusing each other. Research shows that people, especially women and children, are...
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