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November 2013 Archives

Criminal defense: Colorado man claims identical twin involvement

When an individual is accused of being involved in a serious crime, they may wish to explore their options in terms of presenting a defense. Some criminal defense strategies can call for interesting tactics, but these tactics could prove effective and beneficial to a party's case. Depending on the individuals involved and their particular situation, the options they choose to move forward with can vary greatly from other even similar cases.

Colorado bus driver facing DUI charges after striking vehicle

Being faced with criminal allegations can send a shock through someone who has been accused. Many people understand that charges, such as for DUI, can lead to serious consequences. However, it is also important for them to understand that there are legal options available for anyone suspected of a crime and that exploring their possible strategies could pay dividends.

Colorado prosecutor faces charges for DUI after accident

Being somewhat in the public eye could cause a person to be careful of their actions and could cause an individual to make decisions based on public appearance. When a person makes a mistake that can quickly become public knowledge, such as being charged with DUI, they may take certain actions to lessen a possibly prolonged negative impact. While taking actions to cushion reputations and other appearances may be important to some, it could also be beneficial to take time to explore legal options concerning the charges a person faces.

Colorado man facing charges for murder after women found dead

A Colorado man has been taken into custody after allegedly fatally shooting two women and wounding one man. He is facing charges for murder as well as attempted murder and assault. It is unclear at this time what legal options he may be exploring, but gathering information on criminal proceedings relating to his situation could provide some assistance as his case moves forward.

Colorado man, found in running vehicle, charged with DUI

The circumstances surrounding an officer suspecting a person to have been driving under the influence can provide important factors in the investigation. Those same circumstances could provide an accused person with evidence that could support a defense against DUI allegations, if they choose to present a defense. Suspected individuals should have the ability to present any relevant evidence that could prove helpful to their situation as well as request evidence the prosecution may have against them.

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