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Posted July 31, 2014

Man driving a lawnmower charged with DUI in Colorado

Though many individuals may feel that they have heard everything there is to hear about parties being arrested for DUI, they may also wish to understand that people can be charged for driving under the influence even if they are driving nontraditional vehicles. If authorities believe that anyone utilizing the roadways has been consuming...
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Posted July 24, 2014

Man charged with sexual assault in Colorado

When individuals are accused of sexual assault, it is important that all the evidence related to the situation is examined. Sexual assault is a very serious offense, and a conviction could lead to severe consequences, including jail time. Therefore, if a person is accused of such a crime, that individual may wish to ensure...
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Posted July 17, 2014

Murder charges stem from alleged drug deal in Colorado

It is always an unfortunate situation when young people are accused of being involved in dangerous or allegedly illegal activities. If these individuals are charged with a serious crime at a young age, their entire lives could be negatively affected. If the charges they face stem from an alleged murder situation, they will likely...
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Posted July 10, 2014

Man arrested on a drug charge, other allegations in Colorado

Being prepared when faced with a legal situation could significantly help an individual handle their state of affairs. They may first wish to fully understand the implications of the allegations they have been faced with and what the proceedings for those charges could be like. If an individual is arrested on a drug charge,...
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Posted July 2, 2014

Felony charges dropped in Colorado DUI case

When charges are initially brought against a person, they typically stem from the initial reports that authorities draw up. As the investigations continue and trials move forward, those charges could potentially change. For instance, an individual who was initially charged with felony allegations due to involvement in a fatal DUI accident could potentially have...
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