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Posted May 26, 2016

Drugs are decriminalized in Colorado across the board

When a state starts to look at drug charges as a whole, sometimes it finds that criminalizing drug abuse isn’t the answer. That’s what has happened in Colorado, where a law was put into place to reduce the penalties faced by those who were caught and charged with drug crimes. If you face drug...
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Posted May 19, 2016

What is a class 6 felony?

If you’re arrested for a crime and are charged with a felony, there are several possibilities for the kinds of sentences and penalties you can expect. Depending on the class of felony with which you’re you’re charged, you could be looking at a very long stint in prison or something as simple as community...
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Posted May 13, 2016

Defending yourself against drug possession charges

If you’re stopped by a police officer and have drugs in your possession at the time, you could be facing fines or other penalties. You have the right to speak to your attorney and defend yourself, which is a good idea in this case. The possession of drugs can quickly become a claim that...
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Posted May 5, 2016

What are some facts about drunk driving?

Drunk driving takes lives, and that’s why so many states are strict about stopping drivers who are intoxicated behind the wheel. Not all people who appear intoxicated are, so if you’ve been accused of drunk driving but can explain your actions, it’s important that your attorney helps you defend yourself from the moment of...
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