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Posted December 25, 2013

Colorado DUI law changes could mean harsher punishment

As state legal systems are always evolving, it is important to stay updated on changes in-laws. This is especially important if a person believes they may be affected by the change. As with most legal predicaments, most individuals do not plan to find themselves facing allegations for DUI or other situations, but such circumstances...
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Posted December 17, 2013

Colorado couple faces domestic violence allegations after arguing

Being involved in a violent situation can result from a number of different factors. It is important to remember that if a person was allegedly involved in domestic violence or other similar situations that all sides of the situation need to be examined. Extenuating circumstances could reveal that an individual was attempting to protect...
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Posted December 11, 2013

Alleged drug offenses lead to multiple arrests in Colorado

Being taken into custody for serious crimes such as drug distribution can lead to a whirlwind of decisions needing to be made. Drug offenses can hold severe penalties for parties who are convicted, and understanding their legal options can make a great deal of difference in what those penalties might be. There is also...
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Posted December 4, 2013

Colorado man opts for plea bargain after felony assault charges

When a person is taken into custody on felony charges, they may wish to determine what line of defense or other legal option would be best for their situation. In some cases, building a strong defense against felony assault charges could help a defendant prove their innocence, and in other cases, they may wish...
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