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January 2014 Archives

Colorado man faces felony assault charges, pleads not guilty

Being involved in a serious physical altercation can be a distressing event. If that event leads to a party facing felony assault charges, they may have a long road of dealing with legal proceedings ahead of them. Therefore, the accused party may wish to take the time to examine the laws related to his situation in order to create a meaningful defense if he believes he is innocent of the serious charges.

Suspects taken into custody for alleged Colorado vehicle theft

When a person is facing criminal charges, how their situation should be handled can vary depending on the type of crime they are accused of. It a party is suspected of being involved in some type of theft, that individual may need to look into specific laws concerning their circumstances that could possibly help them understand what proceedings they may go through. Being better prepared for what they could face could help accused suspects from being caught off guard.

Colorado man charged with drug possession, maintains innocence

In many situations, when illegal drug activity is suspected, numerous individuals can be accused of being involved. As a result, an individual could be charged with drug possession, though they potentially may not have been directly involved. In such a case, an individual may wish to take advantage of an opportunity to present evidence to prove their innocence.

Colorado man faces kidnapping, attempted murder charges

Serious crimes can often come with severe consequences if individuals are apprehended by authorities and convicted of charges. If a person is accused of a serious crime, such as attempted murder, understanding the options available to them for moving forward with their case could be vital information. Therefore, accused parties may wish to take advantage of local resources that could provide them with helpful information on their situation.

Colorado man taken into custody for possible DUI accident

When an individual has an alcohol-related problem, they may not have the ability to make the most sound decisions when it comes to how much they should consume and what activities they should avoid after drinking. As a result, many individuals find themselves facing charges for DUI and other alcohol-related offenses. If a person is taken into custody on such allegations, they may wish to explore reliable information concerning their situation that could potentially help them receive the best outcome.

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