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Posted May 28, 2014

Assault on a peace officer charge may stem from Colorado event

When a situation escalates quickly, individuals who are in charge may request outside assistance from law enforcement. In this type of situation, a party could find himself facing serious charges if the situation continues to increase in severity. Those charges could potentially include assault on a peace officer if authorities believe a suspect to...
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Posted May 22, 2014

Man charged with DUI in Colorado after injury-causing accident

When an individual is involved in an accident that results from one vehicle rear-ending another, the damage can vary. If the collision is forceful enough, serious injuries could occur. If a driver involved is suspected of being under the influence at the time of the accident, that driver could face charges for DUI and...
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Posted May 15, 2014

Colorado students charged for alleged prescription drugs sale

During exam times, many students can begin to feel stressed about having enough time to study for their tests. In some cases, individuals may go to extreme measures to stay awake, including taking prescription drugs that do not belong to them. If this takes place, those parties who have purchased and those who are...
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Posted May 9, 2014

Colorado boy faces murder charge after father found dead

When a minor is charged with a serious crime, many aspects of the case may differ than if the situation involved a legal adult. As a result, a young individual who finds himself facing murder charges may need as much information as he can receive about what he may face during legal proceedings. This...
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