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May 2013 Archives

Colorado DUI defense may be affected by lowering BAC limit

The blood alcohol content limit is an important standard used by police to determine if some is driving while impaired. However, every individual handles his or her alcohol intake differently, and several factors such as body weight and gender can affect how alcohol impacts the consumer. Creating a DUI defense may come as a need to even those responsible Colorado alcohol consumers as the lowering of the blood alcohol limit becomes a national issue.

Man faces charges for aggravated assault in Colorado stabbing

The events leading up to a situation ending in assault can come in unpredictable variations. A small trigger can set an individual into an emotional state that causes him or her to lash out physically. In some instances, the individual faces charges for aggravated assault due to physically attacking another person, or even in defending themselves from an assault by another individual. The event that triggers the outburst can possibly come from a predisposed condition in the individual or due to the influence of outside substances, and any number of situations can result in assault. Passengers in a vehicle say the possibility of a stolen shirt led to a 30-year-old man being accused of stabbing a 24-year-old woman in Colorado.

Summit county grand jury to review alleged criminal activity

It is easy to see how this shared work can influence the decisions made in grand jury hearings. Since they are created at the discretion of the local district attorney, members are selected and seated through interviews with that office, and information is provided to them by the DA. That is why it is so crucial that a person who is the focus of a grand jury investigation focus on gaining an understanding of the potential criminal charges involved and what steps may be necessary in order to protect important legal rights.

Colorado police officer admits to alleged criminal activity

There are certain crimes that can raise more questions as to cause of the alleged activity then others. Although these alleged acts may bring serious potential penalties in the event of a conviction before a Colorado criminal court, this does not mean that the questions surrounding the alleged criminal activity have been answered. In one such case, a police officer with 30 years of service is alleged to have admitted to law enforcement officials that he falsified time cards.

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