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Posted January 31, 2023

How Do I Fight a False Rape Allegation?

Being accused of rape can have lifelong repercussions. Whether the allegation was made out of malice or through misidentification, the fact remains that you may now be facing charges for a crime you didn't commit. Here is what to do next. What To Do About a False Rape Allegation After you hear about a...
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Posted October 14, 2021

When does theft become a felony offense in Colorado?

Theft and other property crimes are usually less serious offenses than violent crimes, meaning theft offenses often result in lower charges and lesser penalties. Someone accused of theft will frequently face misdemeanor charges for the offense. However, sometimes, someone accused of stealing will face much more serious felony charges, which come with more penalties. When...
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Posted July 23, 2021

What does it mean to be indicted?

People who are being investigated for criminal charges sometimes learn that their case is going to go before a grand jury. This means that a group of people will review the evidence in the case to determine whether the prosecution has a reasonably sufficient case against them or not.If the grand jury determines that...
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Posted June 23, 2021

Small business owners may face felony charges for wage theft

Colorado law classifies the intentional nonpayment of an employee’s wages worth at least $2,000 as a felony theft offense. As noted by Construction Dive, nonpayment may include paying employees late or deducting unauthorized expenses.An employer may generally deduct costs for tools, materials and transportation from employees with their consent. In some cases, a small...
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Posted March 24, 2021

Getting a job after a felony charge

The unfortunate reality of having a criminal record is that many felons face discrimination when they try to get a job. While companies claim to welcome individuals with a record, the harsh reality is that many of those same companies turn applicants away at the earliest sign of a criminal past.Convicted felons that want...
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Posted March 12, 2021

When does a DUI become a felony offense in CO?

Felony crimes are much more serious than misdemeanors and can impact your life in multiple ways. There are some crimes on the books that may be either misdemeanors or felonies depending on mitigating circumstances and DUI is one of them.If the courts are charging you with a potential DUI, it is vital that you...
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Posted August 13, 2020

When is trespassing considered a felony?

Trespassing can be a serious offense. Aside from violating the sanctity of property belonging to someone else, a trespasser may want to commit other crimes after entering a home or building. In such cases, a Colorado prosecutor may seek a trespassing charge that rises to the level of a felony.According to FindLaw, the circumstances...
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Posted November 18, 2019

How does Colorado define stalking?

It goes without saying that everyone in Breckenridge is expected to exercise good judgment. That said, your definition of good judgment may often differ from that of another. Take the example of a romantic pursuit. When you are interested in someone, it may seem perfectly natural for you to seek that person out in...
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Posted August 12, 2019

What rights will I lose after a felony conviction?

After a felony conviction in Colorado, your immediate concerns are likely to be your sentence, which may include prison time. Obviously, that is most pressing, but after serving your sentence, you need to be aware of lasting consequences of your conviction. You do not just receive the sentence the court hands down. The law...
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Posted June 7, 2019

How does a felony differ from a misdemeanor?

Facing a criminal charge in Colorado is never an easy circumstance, even if you have been charged with a crime in the past. Each charge is different, and the way you fight the charges differs based on the type of crime committed and the charge levied against you. So, how does a felony differ from...
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Posted May 3, 2019

Explaining a felony traffic stop

Felony traffic stops occur daily throughout the Breckenridge area of Colorado. These traffic stops are stressful, dangerous and difficult for all involved, especially those who are being stopped by the police. Today, we will take a look at felony traffic stops, what they are and how you can avoid being involved in one.A felony...
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Posted March 29, 2019

Explaining an aggravated felony

An aggravated felony is a serious crime that can prevent you from remaining in the country if you have any type of immigration status. Should you be convicted of an aggravated felony, you will lose your chance for asylum and naturalization on a permanent basis. There is no form of appeal once you are...
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