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Posted July 28, 2016

Marijuana: The United States Postal Service and drug trafficking

Can you mail cannabis through the U.S. Postal Service? What is the real risk of sending it via the mail? With some states beginning to legalize the plant, this could become a concern for many in the future, as you could be accused of drug trafficking. If that happens, you and your attorney should...
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Posted July 21, 2016

The nuances between various sex crimes in Colorado

Defending yourself against a rape or sexual assault allegation can be daunting; even if you know you’re innocent, having these accusations against you can seriously impact your life. You could see a distance grow between you and your friends or family, your employer may put you on probation or you could even lose your...
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Posted July 15, 2016

Intoxication or ataxia? Your medical condition isn’t an offense

Looking drunk doesn’t always mean a person is. There are many medical conditions that make individuals look like they’re intoxicated, even though they haven’t had a drop. For instance, ataxia, which is a genetic disorder, can make you lose your coordination and slur your speech. This is a progressive disease, which means it will...
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Posted July 7, 2016

First-degree murder: The risk of the death penalty

First-degree murder is the most wicked of all homicides in Colorado, which is why it has such a heavy penalty. Many kinds of killings can be considered first-degree murders, but the thing they have in common is that they were deliberate and carried out with malicious intent. If you’ve been accused of committing murder,...
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