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Posted October 25, 2013

Colorado man wants assault charges dropped as part of plea deal

Being suspected of a crime can lead to an individual needing to determine the best course of action. In order to do so, having information on what routes are available could pay dividends as a person’s situation moves forward. Charges dealing with assault and other alleged criminal activity could leave an individual in a...
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Posted October 15, 2013

Colorado teen suspected of murder after fatal stabbing in home

Arguments and altercations can occur for any number of reasons. Furthermore, accounts of such events can differ from person to person, which is one reason it is important that all sides are heard. Should an incident escalate to a physical assault or other situation where authorities may be needed, police should conduct a thorough...
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Posted October 8, 2013

Colorado store owner facing felony charges for drug possession

When a person is facing drug charges, their situation can vary greatly on the circumstances involved. Penalties can range depending on what type of drug was allegedly involved, the amount and the intention of its use. If an individual could be facing drug possession charges, he or she may wish to gather information related...
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