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Posted March 26, 2014

Colorado driver pleads guilty to DUI

When a driver makes the mistake of driving under the influence, other drivers may take notice of suspicious behavior and report it to the authorities. If this takes place, a driver could be stopped by law enforcement and potentially charged with DUI. After being suspected of such a violation, a driver will likely have...
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Posted March 19, 2014

Colorado man could face serious criminal charges after chase

When an individual attempts to flee from authorities, a situation can escalate very quickly. Depending on how the individual handles the situation, many serious criminal charges could stem from an event that appears to be out of control. As a result, the party may need to find out more information about how to deal...
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Posted March 12, 2014

Colorado man charged with felonies in relation to bicycle thefts

When an individual makes the mistake of traveling down the wrong path in life, serious consequences could result. In some unfortunate cases, parties could find themselves charged with felonies that could come with severe punishments if they are convicted. As a result, accused parties could find legal information on their particular situations beneficial. An...
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Posted March 6, 2014

Colorado man seriously injured after assault with brass knuckles?

Assault is often the result of an argument. Individuals who are unable to control their tempers and resort to assaulting another person may find that the consequences could affect the rest of their lives. Aggravation that develops into assault could soon result in inflicting serious bodily harm and permanent scarring. Of course, it is...
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