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Posted January 25, 2022

What Is Resisting Arrest?

The police decide to arrest you, but you think they have no reason to do so. What next? Do you hold out your hands for them to cuff and step into the police car as they request? Or do you just stand there doing nothing on the basis that it’s they who want to...
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Posted January 18, 2022

In Colorado, using a fake ID can come with serious consequences

Whether trying to purchase alcohol or enter a 21-and-over-only establishment, each year many young adults in Colorado find themselves in trouble because they have tried to use false identification to misrepresent their age.Unfortunately, teens often underestimate the potential legal consequences as well as the potential damage to their future opportunities. While trying to pass...
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Posted January 13, 2022

Your phone call in custody could become state evidence

The average person doesn’t really understand their rights when they are under arrest. For example, people often forget that they have the right to remain silent but magically remember that they have the theoretical right to make a phone call.Some people use that phone call to get a family member to come bail them...
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