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Posted June 30, 2021

What happens if my partner accuses me of domestic violence?

Each year, many people make false accusations of violence or abuse against their partners. Some do it to gain control or prevent someone from leaving them. Others to gain an advantage in child custody matters or to cover up their own actions.If your partner files a complaint to the police, you need to seek...
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Posted June 23, 2021

Small business owners may face felony charges for wage theft

Colorado law classifies the intentional nonpayment of an employee’s wages worth at least $2,000 as a felony theft offense. As noted by Construction Dive, nonpayment may include paying employees late or deducting unauthorized expenses.An employer may generally deduct costs for tools, materials and transportation from employees with their consent. In some cases, a small...
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Posted June 10, 2021

Going over examples of drug paraphernalia

If you are facing drug charges, your life could unravel in various ways. Aside from financial penalties, you could have a shattered reputation, lose friends and lose your job. Even seemingly minor charges, such as those involving the possession of drug paraphernalia, can result in harsh repercussions.Moreover, some people are wrongly accused of drug-related...
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Posted June 4, 2021

How does expungement work in Colorado?

An arrest record follows a person around for years. Many companies require a disclosure of any criminal arrests and convictions before hiring new employees. A background check may wind up keeping a person from advancing.Getting a record expunged may help. A person may petition the court to erase all evidence of a criminal record,...
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Posted June 3, 2021

Can I get rid of my drunk driving charge?

Colorado has some of the harshest drunk driving laws in the nation. The charge of DUI results from having a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or above. The state also has Driving While Ability Impaired. The police may charge you with a DWAI if you drive with a blood alcohol level of 0.05 to...
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Posted June 2, 2021

What are assault and battery in CO?

The phrase “You are being arrested for assault and battery” appears so often in criminal dramas that many people believe that these are the same crimes. In fact, the laws surrounding assault and battery are different depending on what state you are in.In Colorado, assault and battery are two distinct crimes, although, according to...
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