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Posted July 31, 2013

Colorado men wanted on suspicion of alleged criminal activity

The idea of possibly considering a criminal defense can cause anyone to wonder how their life spiraled out of control and, in some cases, at such as young age. Three young Colorado men could be asking themselves that same question as one is currently in custody and the other two are wanted suspects in...
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Posted July 23, 2013

Could a Colorado drunk driver ask for plea bargain?

As many people have experienced, being taught the notion that consuming alcohol in large quantities can cause people to make bad decisions begins at a young age. However, many people prefer to learn through experience, and they sometimes learn firsthand what mistakes can be made as a result of drinking too much. When that...
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Posted July 18, 2013

Colorado woman charged with drug distribution, murder

When a person is having financial issues, they can occasionally become desperate to make ends meet. The fear of being unable to pay bills and possibly ending up on the streets can cause anyone to make regrettable decisions concerning the ways they find to make money. Some people can even be faced with drug...
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Posted July 8, 2013

Attempted murder charges for Colorado man after alleged attack

When a person is attacked, their senses may not be working in a normal fashion. Adrenaline begins coursing through the body, and the heart begins pumping rapidly. The main thought on a person’s mind is typically how they are going to survive the encounter. Knowing that information, it is not unusual for a victim...
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Posted July 2, 2013

Multiple suspects facing conviction for Colorado assault, robbery

An attempted robbery in Colorado left four people arrested after their alleged victims fought back. The accused individuals reportedly broke into a couple’s home then threatened and assaulted the residents. One of the individuals purportedly hit the male resident with a hammer, which the man managed to obtain and use against his supposed attacker....
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