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Posted November 30, 2015

Is abusing OxyContin a serious offense?

If you’ve taken a drug called OxyContin, generically known as oxycodone hydrochloride, then you’re aware that it’s a powerful pain reliever. What you may not know is that because it is a prescription medication and painkiller, it’s illegal to give the drug to anyone it hasn’t been prescribed to. As a narcotic, the drug...
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Posted November 27, 2015

Defend yourself and prevent sex offense charges

Public urination may seem mild on the list of things that you could do wrong, but this charge can cause a major disruption in your life. Not only will you be charged and possibly convicted of this crime, causing it to be on your record, but you could also be accused of being a...
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Posted November 20, 2015

Assault and battery: What assault is and is not under the law

If you’re accused of assault, it’s important that you speak with your attorney about your options. Before you can fully devise a defense, you need to consider what constitutes an assault and if your case fulfills those elements. If it doesn’t, you can use that to your benefit as you build your own case...
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Posted November 9, 2015

What’s a plea bargain and how can it help?

A plea bargain, which is an agreement you make for a penalty that you and prosecution can agree to, can be a lesser punishment than one given by a court if you go to trial. Sometimes, this plea is the best way to avoid prison. Many DUI attorneys will aim to achieve a plea...
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Posted November 5, 2015

Colorado woman arrested and charged with abuse, drug charges

If you’re an individual who has been caught with drugs or guns in your home, then you know you’re in a position where you could face multiple charges. If a child is in your home, you could be accused of abuse or other things that may never have taken place. It’s your responsibility to...
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