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Posted August 30, 2020

Is DNA reliable evidence?

DNA is often the key evidence in a criminal case. It is scientific and holds a lot of weight to provide solid proof.While many hold DNA evidence in high esteem, The Atlantic explains that this evidence is losing its ability to provide accurate proof in some situations.The problemThe issue with DNA evidence is that...
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Posted August 13, 2020

When is trespassing considered a felony?

Trespassing can be a serious offense. Aside from violating the sanctity of property belonging to someone else, a trespasser may want to commit other crimes after entering a home or building. In such cases, a Colorado prosecutor may seek a trespassing charge that rises to the level of a felony.According to FindLaw, the circumstances...
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Could penalties from a Colorado DUI follow you to your home state?

If you visit Colorado—whether you pass through on your way to another state or you travel to the state for a getaway—you will probably spend some time enjoying the scenery on Colorado’s roadways. However, if the authorities charge you with driving under the influence (DUI) while you are in the state, the impact of...
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