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Posted October 29, 2021

Yes, the police may be watching your social media

Maybe you’ve joked about what the authorities would think of your internet search history or your social media posts — but you probably shouldn’t joke too much. As it turns out, the police really may be watching your social media posts.Take, for example, the 11 people who were recently arrested in Denver. Calling themselves...
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Posted October 14, 2021

When does theft become a felony offense in Colorado?

Theft and other property crimes are usually less serious offenses than violent crimes, meaning theft offenses often result in lower charges and lesser penalties. Someone accused of theft will frequently face misdemeanor charges for the offense. However, sometimes, someone accused of stealing will face much more serious felony charges, which come with more penalties. When...
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Posted October 7, 2021

Do you have to take a DUI breath test in Colorado?

When you drive in Colorado, you give your express consent to a breath or blood test if an officer suspects you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Failure to take this test at the scene of a traffic stop can result in sanctions beyond a DUI conviction.Learn more about Colorado DUI...
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Posted October 3, 2021

Could you face drug charges if you report an overdose?

Too often, the reason that people don’t survive overdoses of illegal drugs is that the people who are with them when they overdose are afraid to call for help – particularly if they gave or sold the overdose victim their drugs. They know that if they call 911, the police will get involved, and...
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