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Posted December 28, 2018

Police officer picked up for alleged DUI

A police officer in Colorado has found himself in a bit of legal trouble after he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. The arrest happened just a few days before Christmas, on December 21. According to reports, a sergeant with the Breckenridge Police Department saw a car driving down the road...
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Posted December 20, 2018

Man arrested for allegedly hiding body after murder

After a man was killed in Colorado, police made numerous arrests. The most recent involved a man in Iowa. The police think that he assisted in hiding the deceased man’s body after the killing, though it appears he did not carry out that initial crime himself. The incident happened when a woman in Colorado...
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Posted December 18, 2018

An anger problem could lead to charges for violent crimes

Because each person is different, the way individuals react to certain situations is also different. Some people may react more harshly to certain events than others, and some parties may become emotional more easily than others. However, if your go-to reaction is often anger, you may have a problem that needs addressing.Certainly, anger is...
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Posted December 13, 2018

Myths about beating a breath test

It is true that breathalyzer tests are not perfect. If the machine is not calibrated properly, for instance, they can give false readings. People have sometimes gotten out of DUI charges when it was shown that a breathalyzer test did not provide reliable information. That said, people often buy into some common myths about...
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Posted December 7, 2018

Accident leads to DUI charges for a truck driver

A truck driver was involved in a car accident that put three people in the hospital. The man, who is from Colorado, was then picked up by the police on allegations that he was intoxicated at the time of the crash. He is 42 years old. Witnesses reported that the man was in his...
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Posted December 4, 2018

Despite changes, drug charges can still land you in prison

Police in Colorado may no longer be seeking to arrest people for possessing marijuana since the state legalized its possession in limited quantities. Nevertheless, having drugs in your possession can still result in serious trouble if police stop you. In fact, even with the legalization of pot, those convicted of drug crimes make up...
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