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Posted July 27, 2015

Can you get drug charges for growing marijuana?

Colorado has some of the most ground-breaking marijuana laws in the United States. It is legal to buy, sell, possess and grow marijuana. However, there are still a few things you need to know about this process, or you could run into drug charges. Don’t just assume that the laws now mean you are...
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Posted July 18, 2015

Why do victims of domestic violence stay?

Victims of domestic violence often refuse to leave, even though they have a chance to do so. Why do they tend to stick around when people on the outside would often assume they’d be looking for a way to get out? The answer, according to one woman, is that they are in love. Naturally,...
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Posted July 15, 2015

Can the police give you a DUI after you drive too slowly?

You may know that the police in Colorado have to have reasonable suspicion if they want to pull you over and see if you are drunk. Officers are not allowed to pick out cars at random or pull over every car they see until they find a drunk driver. There must be a reason...
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Posted July 6, 2015

The difficulty of being charged when you’re on vacation

Breckinridge, Colorado, is one of those towns that absolutely swells during the tourism seasons. People come out to the mountains in the winter for the skiing and the snowboarding. They come out in the summer to go hiking, fishing and hunting. Some people have homes in other states, coming all the way from the...
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