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Posted October 24, 2023

Three Types of Witnesses in a Criminal Case

Witnesses play a pivotal role in criminal cases, as their testimonies serve as critical pieces of evidence that help the court make informed decisions. Witnesses can be categorized into three distinct types, each bringing a unique perspective to the proceedings. Eyewitnesses Eyewitnesses are individuals who have directly observed the alleged criminal act. Their accounts...
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Posted October 11, 2023

Managing Stress During a Criminal Case

It is immensely stressful to be charged with a crime and have to wait on the outcome of your case to learn what is in store for your future. Here are some helpful tips on how to manage that stress to keep it from becoming overwhelming. Open and Transparent Communication Establishing open and honest...
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Posted December 3, 2022

Can You Get a DUI on a Bicycle?

Riding a bicycle after drinking alcohol may seem like a safe choice since it is ‘technically’ not drinking and driving. However, you can still get a DUI while riding a bicycle in Colorado. DUI On A Bicycle in Colorado In Colorado, bicycles are seen the same way as motor vehicles under Colorado Statute Section...
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Posted November 29, 2022

What Are the Penalties for Repeat Drug Offenses in Colorado?

Many drug offenses are considered felonies in Colorado, especially if the charge is for a repeat offense. As a result, that often means more severe sentences and stricter requirements for parole or probation. Factors Considered in Sentencing A repeat drug-related felony offense is typically considered aggravating circumstances, which means sentencing will fall under the...
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Posted November 13, 2022

If I Violate My Probation in Colorado, What Will Happen?

If you were convicted of a crime in Colorado, you might be granted probation instead of harsher penalties, such as time in jail. Probation allows a significant amount of freedom, but you still must follow terms set by the court. Violating the terms of your probation can carry severe consequences. Potential Penalties for Violating...
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Posted May 18, 2022

Motivations behind false domestic violence claims 

There are far more genuine claims of domestic violence than false claims. Nonetheless, false claims of domestic violence are still frequent enough to warrant further consideration. What motivates individuals to make up such serious allegations? What are your options if you find yourself wrongfully accused? Divorce and separation Sometimes, marriages and other romantic relationships can come to...
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Posted May 12, 2022

Can DUI charges follow you out of state?

If you have ever worried about whether certain crimes will follow you when you leave the state, you should know that a charge for driving under the influence is particularly difficult to escape.Even if you leave the state, chances are that a Colorado DUI conviction will follow you.Getting charged with a DUIYou can get...
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Posted May 11, 2022

How to protect your mental health if accused of a crime

One minute, life was looking rosy. Then, out of the blue, you found yourself arrested. It might feel like your whole world has been turned upside down in a split second.Everything you worked so hard for could be left in tatters if you are convicted. How will your partner cope if you go to...
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Posted April 22, 2022

Driving and drugs: What you need to know

Drivers have to be in the proper mental and physical condition to drive. Any impairing factors can render them unsafe to drive. While most people may think about alcohol when they hear about impaired driving, it’s also possible for drugs to cause this effect.You may not realize this, but all drugs, including those that...
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Posted April 13, 2022

Can you get fired for off-duty marijuana use?

Both medicinal and recreational marijuana is legal in many states, and these states afford both residents and visitors a fair amount of legal protection. However, the laws governing the state of Colorado may not be the same as those in your home state.Employees of any company are subject to the rules of an employee...
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Posted April 6, 2022

4 consequences of a domestic violence conviction

In Colorado, domestic violence isn’t a crime in and of itself. It is tucked onto your charges as an enhancement if determined that the crime stemmed from domestic violence. This could lengthen your prison or probation sentence and increase any penalties you may be facing.A domestic violence conviction is not to be taken lightly...
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Posted March 23, 2022

Accused of domestic violence? Now what?

If your partner accuses you of domestic violence, you need to act fast to protect your liberties. Colorado police will arrest you, and a court will automatically put a restraining order on you if someone accuses you of domestic violence.It means you need to find a temporary place to stay, as you are not...
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