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Posted November 28, 2016

What is entrapment?

You’ve heard of entrapment, but what does the term really mean in a court of law?TV shows have glamorized the idea of undercover agents, but sometimes placing someone directly into the scene of a crime changes its outcome. It means that an officer doesn’t just witness a crime by being in the right place...
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Posted November 25, 2016

Protecting kids from digital predators

As adults we take the internet for granted. The quick connection to the rest of the world and the volumes of data at our fingertips is a way of life, and something we can control. But for kids and teenagers, it’s part of a larger world where they’re still trying to find where they...
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Posted November 1, 2016

Fake ID charges are a big deal

Fake IDs have a long history for teenagers in America, from sitcom plots to McLovin punch lines, but they often leave out the legal aftermath. A fake ID is a fake government document, not just a membership card to purchase beer or, in Colorado, marijuana.And forging government documents is a big deal.In a society...
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