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Posted December 25, 2012

Colorado DUI punishment standard could become nationwide

From heavy fines to license revocation to an extended stay behind bars, the possible punishments that follow a conviction on drunk driving charges are serious and can potentially follow a person for the rest of their life. Specifically in Colorado, even a first-time offense can warrant a mandatory ignition interlock device being installed in...
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Posted December 21, 2012

Colorado may set DUI standard for marijuana in light of new law

Coloradoans passed Amendment 64 during the November election to legalize possession and use of small amounts of marijuana by people 21 and older. It also provides for the licensing of cultivation and testing facilities. The Amendment made Colorado one of the most lenient states for marijuana use in the country.However, unlike the marijuana amendment passed...
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Posted December 11, 2012

Pot brownie prank leads to felony charges against students

A pair of University of Colorado students are facing charges after a prank backfired, causing several people to become ill. When invited to bring food in to class, the two responded by bringing brownies – but they didn’t tell their professor or classmates that they contained marijuana. After eating them, a professor and two...
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Posted December 7, 2012

Courts grapple with cell phone searches: part two

Last week we discussed the struggle that courts across the country are facing as they try to determine what, if any, privacy protections apply to data stored on cell phones. Different courts seem unable to agree on how cell phone evidence should be treated in criminal cases and to whom that information belongs. A...
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Posted December 1, 2012

Courts grapple with cell phone searches: part one

Many people carry their entire lives around in their phone. A cell phone can hold a person’s appointments, photos, location and communications with everyone they know.The Constitution grants all Americans certain fundamental rights, including protections against unreasonable or warrantless search and seizure in the Fourth Amendment. But is a person’s cell phone protected as...
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