Colorado police officer admits to alleged criminal activity

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There are certain crimes that can raise more questions as to cause of the alleged activity then others. Although these alleged acts may bring serious potential penalties in the event of a conviction before a Colorado criminal court, this does not mean that the questions surrounding the alleged criminal activity have been answered. In one such case, a police officer with 30 years of service is alleged to have admitted to law enforcement officials that he falsified time cards.

The officer, who has received numerous awards over his career, is now facing forgery and theft charges. The man is said to have documented around $2,500 worth of hours that he did not work. Suspicions were raised when GPS tracking apparently demonstrated that the officer’s vehicle went through long periods of inactivity when the officer claimed he was working on his time sheets.

As a result of the investigation, the officer was placed on administrative leave. The district attorney is continuing to investigate the allegations while the case remains pending. A trial date for the officer has not been announced at this time.

Many individuals may ask themselves why a Colorado police officer with so many years of honorable service may have committed an act that could jeopardize his career. Although it may seem clear to some that the officer is guilty of the claimed criminal activity, the acts at this time have not been proven in a Colorado courtroom. This presumption of innocence may assist the officer in defending the charges, and he may reveal more information than has been released that may call into question the veracity of the allegations pending against him.

Source: The Gazette, “Colorado Springs cop had stellar record before arrest for forgery, theft,” Matt Steiner, May 3, 2013


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