Colorado man suspected of domestic violence, attempted murder

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Domestic violence in Colorado and all over the country is a very serious matter. When an argument breaks out or some other trigger causes a partner to become violent, severe injuries could occur along with stern legal consequences. It is important to remember, however, that there are two sides to every story, including those dealing with domestic violence.

A Colorado man was arrested as a suspect for domestic violence and allegedly attempted murder. Sometime after the man arrived home for the evening, neighbors began calling police about a woman purportedly being beaten by her husband. The two were reportedly having some sort of argument that escalated into a violent encounter. Reports state that the man beat the woman about the face and attempted to choke her, and another person at the scene broke a bottle over the man’s head.

It is unclear at this time what the argument was about or what caused it to escalate. Though the man has a martial arts background and alcohol was cited as a factor in the incident, it should not be ruled out that he was possibly acting in self-defense. The sequence of events is still being examined.

Though the man was arrested, he is innocent until – and only if — proven guilty. There are several aspects of the situation that need to be finalized as far as when they occurred, and the roles of the husband, wife, and roommate should all be inspected. The man way wish to look into Colorado criminal defense laws as well as domestic violence information. He has the ability to present any evidence pertaining to the event that may be beneficial to his case.

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