Criminal defense: Did Colorado driver aim a gun at other driver?

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Many drivers experience extreme anger, or even road rage, while travelling. The triggers for this frustration can come from heavy traffic, other drivers or even personal issues. While road rage can result in a driver operating a vehicle a little carelessly or using profane language, the frustration and anger can sometimes escalate into a dangerous situation. One Colorado driver is now preparing a criminal defense after his road rage allegedly resulted in his pointing a gun at another driver.

While travelling on Interstate 25, a fellow motorist noticed the driver of a Land Cruiser purportedly pointing a gun at the driver of a VW Beetle. The witness called police to report the incident, and officers were able to later find the Land Cruiser and arrest the driver. After searching the vehicle, authorities reportedly found a loaded handgun.

As the driver of the Beetle has not been found, police have no victims to question in regards to the event. At this time, the driver of the Land Cruiser has been charged with disorderly conduct. Should the other driver come forward, or any other victims involved in the incident, the accused’s charges could escalate from a misdemeanor to a felony charge.

Authorities are still investigating the incident and are encouraging anyone with information to contact the Weld County Sheriff’s Office. Should more incriminating evidence surface against the driver of the Land Cruiser, the focus of his criminal defense may shift. Felony charges are very serious and come with severe penalties if — and only if — a conviction is obtained in court. The accused man may wish to gain an understanding of applicable Colorado laws pertaining to his situation as he prepares to confront the allegations against him in court.

Source: CBS 4 Denver, “Man Arrested After Allegedly Pointing Gun At Other Driver On I-25,” May 14, 2013


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