DUI conviction for Colorado man with lengthy record

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From a very young age, people hear that drinking and driving do not mix. Videos are shown in classes about the dangerous situations drunk driving presents as well as the heart-wrenching accounts of families who have lost loved ones due to drunk driving accidents. Though it is always best not to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, occasionally there may be an emergency situation where a driver may feel there is no other choice but to drive even though they are under the influence. No one wants to find oneself facing a possible DUI conviction, but should it occur, preparation and gathering information is a wise first step.


A Colorado man was facing sentencing after appearing in court for multiple instances of allegedly driving under the influence. During his case proceedings, the judge deemed the man a threat to the community as his alleged drunk driving could potentially harm other people. The man was sentenced to three years at the Community Corrections facility.

As the man has reportedly faced a significant a number of alcohol-related convictions in recent years, there is an extremely strong chance that he has an alcohol addiction. He and his defense presented evidence that on at least one of the occasions for his purported drunk driving he felt he had no choice but to drive as one of his family members was having an medical emergency. This evidence shows that while the man had good intentions his alcoholism clouded his judgment. Time in a rehabilitation center could greatly help the man as he struggles with such an issue.


Though the man was sentenced to time in custody, the consequences could have been much more severe. The pertinent evidence he was able to present during his court proceedings may have been beneficial in acquiring a less severe penalty. Anyone facing a possible DUI conviction may look into Colorado criminal laws and proceedings relevant to their situation and find the information beneficial should they choose to build a defense and gather relevant evidence that may prove prudent as the case proceeds.


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