Attempted murder charges for Colorado man after alleged attack

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When a person is attacked, their senses may not be working in a normal fashion. Adrenaline begins coursing through the body, and the heart begins pumping rapidly. The main thought on a person’s mind is typically how they are going to survive the encounter. Knowing that information, it is not unusual for a victim to be unable to specifically recall details of an attacker’s appearance. Should police proceed solely on a victim’s description, the wrong person could stand accused of attempted murder.

A Colorado man with a lengthy violent history was arrested on charges of attempted murder and assault after he allegedly attacked a young man with a pair of scissors. Reports state that a teenager was walking with his friend when a man purportedly began to assault the teen with the scissors for an unknown reason. The teenager and his friend were reported as being able to get the scissors away from the man. The suspect was not apprehended at the scene, and the alleged victim gave a description to a police sketch artist.

As police sketches are not completely accurate, there stands a possibility that the accused was not involved in the incident but simply bears a resemblance to the alleged attacker. Should further evidence surface to place the suspect at the scene, his side of the story should be heard as there is also the possibility that he was acting in self-defense. Authorities should continue to investigate the incident in order to create a proper sequence of events that led up to the incident.

Though the accused has a record of numerous criminal convictions, he is still entitled to present a defense against these current attempted murder and assault allegations should he choose to do so. He has the ability to present any evidence relevant to his case that may be beneficial, and he may also find looking into information on Colorado criminal laws pertaining to his case helpful as his case proceeds. The accused is considered innocent until — and only if — he is found guilty in court.

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