Colorado men wanted on suspicion of alleged criminal activity

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The idea of possibly considering a criminal defense can cause anyone to wonder how their life spiraled out of control and, in some cases, at such as young age. Three young Colorado men could be asking themselves that same question as one is currently in custody and the other two are wanted suspects in relation to multiple robberies and other alleged criminal activity. They could be facing very serious charges when they are apprehended, and the man in custody is already facing robbery and attempted murder allegations.

The situation reportedly began with the three men being suspected in a robbery case. When police attempted to stop a vehicle that purportedly contained the suspects, the situation escalated into a high-speed chase. The three occupants of the vehicle reportedly began to flee on foot from authorities after the car crashed. One of the suspects was apprehended with the assistance of a police K-9 unit, but he allegedly fired shots at an officer before the arrest was made.

The man in custody and the two others are accused of being involved in a robbery and assault after an alleged victim was stunned with a Taser and had his wallet stolen and his brother was punched after playing a game of basketball with men fitting the descriptions of the suspects. Authorities also believe that the three men could have been involved in another alleged robbery in which a man said he was threatened with a gun and had several of his items stolen. Authorities are continuing the search for the two accused men currently not in custody, and the third man is set to appear in court.

It is typically only a matter of time before authorities catch up to wanted suspects. Should the accused men choose, they could turn themselves in and begin working on a criminal defense or possibly even a plea bargain. If they believe themselves to be innocent of the alleged criminal activity, they have the ability to present any relevant evidence that may be beneficial toward their case. Finding information on relevant Colorado criminal proceedings could be prudent as their case proceed. It is important to remember that the men suspected in this case are innocent until — and only if — found guilty by the court.

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