Could a Colorado drunk driver ask for plea bargain?

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As many people have experienced, being taught the notion that consuming alcohol in large quantities can cause people to make bad decisions begins at a young age. However, many people prefer to learn through experience, and they sometimes learn firsthand what mistakes can be made as a result of drinking too much. When that mistake is to drink and drive, there can be very serious consequences which the accused may wish to take responsibility for through a plea bargain.

An accident occurred in Colorado when a man allegedly crashed his vehicle into the vehicle of a University of Colorado police officer. The officer was reportedly outside the vehicle speaking with a pedestrian when the other vehicle collided with the parked patrol car, which apparently had its flashing lights on. No injuries were reported relating to the accident.

The officer reportedly suspected the driver to have been intoxicated, though it was not reported what caused him to have this suspicion. The officer then allegedly performed a breath test on the driver, and the driver’s blood-alcohol content level was purportedly more than twice the legal limit. The driver was taken into custody and retained at the Boulder County jail.

Though there is reported evidence against the driver, he still has the ability to present a defense if he should choose to do so. If he feels that he should take responsibility for the incident, he may be able to discuss the option of a plea bargain in an attempt to receive a lesser penalty. There are different options that the accused can choose from relating to his case and how best to handle his situation. He may find looking into Colorado DWI laws and related case proceedings beneficial as his case proceeds.

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