2 Colorado teens suspected of alleged criminal activity

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Many people look back on their younger and teenage years and agree that they did not always make the best decisions. Many of those decisions may not have ended in legal trouble, but for some, mistakes left them suspected of alleged criminal activity. Such accusations could follow young people for the rest of their lives, causing serious setbacks in future endeavors. By having information on criminal proceedings and defense strategies, people accused could possibly have a chance at lesser consequences.

Two teenagers in Colorado Springs have been accused in association with a string of thefts involving identification cards, credit cards and other items taken from homes and vehicles. The two males were suspected after a relative of one of the teens allegedly tipped off police that they were in possession of identification cards that did not belong to them. Police came to the residence to investigate, and one of the suspects fled from authorities. Officials were able to catch up to the suspect, and he and the other suspect were taken into custody.

Reports state that targeted homes were typically those with garage doors left open. Some alleged victims did not even realize their items were missing until they were informed that police had recovered their property. The two suspects were booked at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center and are set to appear in court.

Though the two teens are being accused of alleged criminal activity, they are considered innocent until — and only if — they are found guilty by the court. They have the opportunity to gather any evidence relating to their case that could be beneficial, and they may wish to ensure that authorities followed proper procedures when recovering the allegedly stolen items. Information on Colorado criminal proceedings relating to their situation could be beneficial as their case proceeds.

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