Colorado family charged with a crime after alleged road rage

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Many drivers can become frustrated with other drivers on the roadways. This frustration typically ends with muttering under their breath or a few exasperated glances, but in some cases, there are drivers and passengers who experience severe road rage. When a driver experiences road rage, their frustration mounts and a serious situation can quickly escalate and possibly endanger lives. If a driver or drivers are unable to control their anger, they could find themselves charged with a crime.

Four family members in Colorado were taken into custody after what has been reported as a bout of road rage. The family members were traveling in two separate vehicles when an altercation allegedly began with the driver of a third vehicle. The driver of the third vehicle — a pickup truck — stopped, and the two other vehicles reportedly blocked his exits.

After being boxed in by the two cars, the man apparently exited his pickup truck and withdrew a knife. The family members may not have expected the situation to escalate so quickly, and the family members contacted the authorities. After police arrived at the scene, the four family members were arrested and are facing numerous charges. It was reported that the driver of the pickup truck was not facing any charges.

It is unclear what caused the incident to begin or to escalate so quickly. Authorities should keep in mind that there are two sides to every story and that the family members could have had a good reason for stopping the pickup truck driver. As they were the ones who called police, they possibly felt unsafe in the situation themselves, yet they were charged with a crime. They may wish to present a defense against the allegations brought against them, and looking into Colorado criminal proceedings relevant to their situation could pay dividends as their case proceeds.

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