Colorado mother accused of attempted murder, child abuse

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Stress and the idea of not being able to face difficult situations ahead can cause anyone to feel overwhelmed. The prospect of not having enough income nor being able to care for their family can have serious, negative effects on a person’s mental state. Stress is a known catalyst in serious physical and mental health issues, so someone facing significant stress could potentially make rash, unreasonable decisions. This type of situation could be the case for a Colorado mother who has been accused of attempted murder.

According to reports, the woman’s husband had recently been arrested for domestic violence. Though the woman was the victim of her husband’s alleged abuse, she still relied on his income to take care of herself and her two young children. She had reportedly lost her own job only recently and possibly could not provide enough food for her daughters.

She allegedly concocted a plan to leave the gas stove on during the night in hopes that the fumes would kill herself and her two children. The next morning a neighbor reportedly smelled the fumes and called emergency services. The woman and children were not found harmed when authorities arrived, and the woman purportedly admitted to leaving the gas on.

The mother was taken into custody and is currently facing charges of attempted murder and child abuse. Though the charges are extremely serious, her actions could appear to have been a desperate act by someone who felt she had no other options. When it comes to her court appearance, she does have the option of preparing a defense against the allegations and should be able to present any relevant evidence that could help her case. She may find information on Colorado laws and proceedings relating to her situation beneficial as she moves forward.

Source:, Mother charged with attempted murder, Shane Benjamin, Sept. 19, 2013


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