Young Colorado woman faces charges for mother’s alleged murder

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Understanding legal options for criminal charges can be beneficial before or after being accused of a crime. Knowledge beforehand could help someone be able to take more immediate action if for some reason they find themselves faced with allegations. Of course, not many people foresee themselves being accused of murder or other serious crimes and may not know the right route to take. However, information on relevant laws and proceedings after an accusation could be an important first step in creating a strong defense, should the accused choose to do so.

A young Colorado woman may be exploring her options after being arrested on suspicion of involvement in her mother’s death. According to reports, police arrived at the family’s home after they received a call about a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival authorities apparently found the mother’s lifeless body inside the home and reported that she had sustained multiple stab wounds. The accused daughter was apparently not on the scene.

The suspect was arrested after police reportedly conducted a 12-hour search for her. She is currently being held without bond at Arapahoe County Jail and is being charged with first-degree murder. Police are continuing to investigate the crime scene, and there have been no reports on specific evidence incriminating the accused. Her father allegedly made a statement indicating that the mother and young woman had not been on good terms for a period of time, though it is unclear if that tension could have resulted in such an escalation toward violence.

At this time the accused may wish to gather information on Colorado laws and criminal proceedings relating to her case in order to better understand her options. The young woman has the ability to present any relevant evidence or statements that could point toward a lack of involvement in the alleged murder, or she could possibly discuss the route of a plea bargain. The accused is considered innocent until — and only if — she is found guilty by the court.

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