Colorado man wants assault charges dropped as part of plea deal

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Being suspected of a crime can lead to an individual needing to determine the best course of action. In order to do so, having information on what routes are available could pay dividends as a person’s situation moves forward. Charges dealing with assault and other alleged criminal activity could leave an individual in a difficult situation to navigate, and outside assistance could help determine whether presenting a defense, opting for a plea bargain or other options would be best suited.

A Colorado man was recently taken into custody after he allegedly assaulted an individual and threatened to shoot the person and to kill himself and others. The purported victim involved in the incident was apparently able to flee from the suspect and contact authorities. The suspect was later taken into custody without incident after authorities were able to locate him.

The accused’s case is currently moving forward, and he has entered a guilty plea on certain terms. The terms include having charges for aggravated assault and burglary dropped while he pleads guilty to kidnapping, and the terms also include his being placed on probation. His plea bargain could help him avoid spending time in jail, but the judge did inform him that there was a possibility that he could be sentenced to a year in jail as a condition of being granted probation.

Having the assault and burglary charges dropped could prove exceedingly beneficial to the man if the court accepts his plea bargain. There is a chance that the agreement could be rejected, but that does not discount the option of taking that route. The accused may be able to recant the agreement or present it to another judge in hopes of it being accepted. As this could be considered a precarious situation, the accused may wish to continuing utilizing knowledge of Colorado criminal proceedings in hopes of having the situation move in a direction to his liking.

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