Colorado store owner facing felony charges for drug possession

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When a person is facing drug charges, their situation can vary greatly on the circumstances involved. Penalties can range depending on what type of drug was allegedly involved, the amount and the intention of its use. If an individual could be facing drug possession charges, he or she may wish to gather information related to their particular situation in order to determine what type of legal situation they may be facing.

A Colorado store owner may be considering his options and what he could be facing after being taken into custody for alleged drug offenses. Reports indicated that the owner is facing six felony counts of drug violations for purportedly selling illegal substances over the counter. A local news station as well as law enforcement were apparently able to purchase the substance while representatives were working undercover.

The drug that was allegedly being sold in the store is known as “spice,” which is considered a form of synthetic marijuana. Authorities reportedly tested the substances acquired while they were undercover and purportedly determined that it contained illegal materials. The store owner declined to comment on the situation.

As the owner faces felony allegations for drug possession and intent to distribute, he is also potentially facing 18 years in prison, should he be found guilty. Should he want to prepare for his court appearances, the accused may wish to determine the best route for a strong defense. Understanding Colorado laws and local procedures relating to his situation could be a prudent step in handling his case.

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