Colorado man, found in running vehicle, charged with DUI

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The circumstances surrounding an officer suspecting a person to have been driving under the influence can provide important factors in the investigation. Those same circumstances could provide an accused person with evidence that could support a defense against DUI allegations, if they choose to present a defense. Suspected individuals should have the ability to present any relevant evidence that could prove helpful to their situation as well as request evidence the prosecution may have against them.

A Colorado man may wish to explore his legal options after being charged with DUI. Reports indicate that authorities approached the suspect after they found him apparently unconscious in a running vehicle. The officers then allegedly requested the man exit the vehicle once he was awake, to which he supposedly did not comply.

Further reports assert that the driver resisted arrest and that the officers used a Taser in order to subdue him. He is currently facing charges of DUI and obstruction. It was not disclosed as to what methods authorities used to determine the suspected driver’s intoxication.

As the accused driver prepares to defend himself against the allegations, he may wish to ensure that the responding officers followed proper protocols while conducting the arrest and that their actions were legally justified. To better determine his options and effective defense routes, information on Colorado DUI laws and criminal proceedings could pay dividends as his criminal case moves forward. Ultimately, the burden is on prosecutors to prove the government’s case by competent and relevant evidence that is presented before an impartial court.

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