Colorado prosecutor faces charges for DUI after accident

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Being somewhat in the public eye could cause a person to be careful of their actions and could cause an individual to make decisions based on public appearance. When a person makes a mistake that can quickly become public knowledge, such as being charged with DUI, they may take certain actions to lessen a possibly prolonged negative impact. While taking actions to cushion reputations and other appearances may be important to some, it could also be beneficial to take time to explore legal options concerning the charges a person faces.

A prosecutor in Colorado recently found himself in such a situation after he was involved in a single-car accident. When authorities arrived on the scene, the alleged driver claimed to have lost control of his vehicle after hitting a speed bump. Responding officers reportedly suspected the driver to have been under the influence at the time of the accident.

A trooper purportedly smelled alcohol on the accused driver, and apparently the suspect did not perform field sobriety tests in an adequate manner. The suspect allegedly declined to submit to breath or blood tests, which alone could result in the suspension of the driver’s license according to state law. Reports also indicated that the accused driver had a previous DUI offense.

At this time, the accused has resigned from his position as prosecutor in the wake of his DUI charge and other allegations stemming from the event. Though he has taken this action, he may also wish to prepare for his court appearance relating to his allegations. As his practice area dealt with DUI related cases, he may understand Colorado laws that could help him create a meaningful defense, should he choose to present one, and have other knowledge that could point him the right direction as his situation moves forward.

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