Criminal defense: Colorado man claims identical twin involvement

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When an individual is accused of being involved in a serious crime, they may wish to explore their options in terms of presenting a defense. Some criminal defense strategies can call for interesting tactics, but these tactics could prove effective and beneficial to a party’s case. Depending on the individuals involved and their particular situation, the options they choose to move forward with can vary greatly from other even similar cases.

A soldier in Colorado is currently implementing an interesting course of defense after he was accused of being involved in sex crimes that also span across two other states. DNA found at the crimes scenes allegedly matched that of the accused man. However, the suspect has called for this identical twin brother to also be considered a suspect as the two have nearly the same DNA.

The accused’s brother has not yet been charged with any crimes and at this time, has not been reached for comment. The accused believes that his brother rather than himself may have been the one involved in the crimes as the DNA was found and a vehicle description related to a case in one of the other states matches that of his brother’s vehicle. As the brothers’ DNA are very similar, the situation may come down to the alibis that the individuals are able to provide.

This criminal defense strategy could possibly cast reasonable doubt as to whether the accused soldier was actually involved in the crimes. However, the situation could quickly become complicated depending on several factors, including the alibis that the suspects are able to provide. As his case moves forward, the accused man way wish to continue bolstering his knowledge of relevant Colorado laws and criminal proceedings in order to prepare for possible outcomes.

Source: CNN, Judge allows soldier’s defense of citing his twin as potential suspect, Michael Martinez and Miguel Marquez, Nov. 20, 2013


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