Alleged drug offenses lead to multiple arrests in Colorado

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Being taken into custody for serious crimes such as drug distribution can lead to a whirlwind of decisions needing to be made. Drug offenses can hold severe penalties for parties who are convicted, and understanding their legal options can make a great deal of difference in what those penalties might be. There is also the possibility that some individuals accused of certain crimes were not as involved as they may have seemed and understanding how to present a meaningful defense could help prove their innocence.

Fourteen people in Colorado may be considering the best routes to take concerning their legal options after they were taken into custody on drug and various other charges. Six of the individuals had warrants out for their arrest. The ages of the parties detained ranged from 24 to 54, and they were suspected of alleged involvement in a methamphetamine distribution ring that had been under investigation for an extended period of time.

The investigation reportedly uncovered over two pounds of methamphetamine, other illegal substances, over $30,000 and multiple weapons. The exact charges that the individuals are facing were not given in the report. Authorities did state that allegations were pending against other individuals also suspected of being involved.

The severity of this situation is quite high, and learning more about their particular allegations concerning the alleged drug offenses and violations could help the individual suspects. Plea bargains could possibly be an option for some — if not all — of the accused parties or some may wish to begin planning their defense. In either case, information on Colorado state laws relevant to their situation could help them as their cases move forward and they determine which paths could prove most beneficial.

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