Colorado couple faces domestic violence allegations after arguing

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Being involved in a violent situation can result from a number of different factors. It is important to remember that if a person was allegedly involved in domestic violence or other similar situations that all sides of the situation need to be examined. Extenuating circumstances could reveal that an individual was attempting to protect him- or herself or that the situation seemed worse than it actually was.

A Colorado man and woman were taken into custody for allegedly being involved in a domestic violence situation. The event reportedly took place when the couple began arguing about the man’s son, who he had with another woman. It was also mentioned that both parties allegedly exhibited violent reactions toward each other.

The man’s father claims that his son did not have any negative physical contact with the woman during the argument. It is unclear at this time who or what alerted the situation to the authorities. At this time both parties allegedly involved are facing charges relating to domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a very serious situation, and therefore, all parts of the story should be closely examined to determine what may have caused the situation to escalate. The parties involved should have the ability to defend themselves against the allegations they face should they choose to do so. Information on Colorado laws relating to their situation could help the accused parties determine the best course of action for their particular circumstances. Creating a meaningful defense could prove beneficial in avoiding serious penalties.

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