Colorado DUI law changes could mean harsher punishment

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As state legal systems are always evolving, it is important to stay updated on changes in-laws. This is especially important if a person believes they may be affected by the change. As with most legal predicaments, most individuals do not plan to find themselves facing allegations for DUI or other situations, but such circumstances can arise. If an individual does find him- or herself in such a situation, understanding how laws may affect them is important.

Drivers and alcohol consumers in Colorado may be interested in the changes in DUI laws that are to take effect after the first of the year. Drivers who are stopped by law enforcement and suspected of driving under the influence could face stricter penalties if they refuse to take a breath test. This refusal will soon lead to the loss of the driver’s license as well as also to having a device connected to the vehicle that would require a clean breath sample before allowing the car to be started.

The changes apparently also include classifying drivers with a blood alcohol content level of .15 or above as persistent offenders. If a person is regarded as such, the penalties could be more severe if they are convicted of alcohol-related allegations. These law changes could have a considerable impact on individuals who have a lapse in judgment and make the mistake of drinking and driving.

Because DUI charges can cause significantly negative setbacks for individuals if they are convicted, it is important to be aware of the changes in Colorado law in order to have a better ability to prepare for a specific situation. Drivers who do face such allegations should have the opportunity to present a defense against the charges and present any relevant evidence that could benefit their situation. Being knowledgeable about the proceedings and situations they could encounter after being charged could allow suspects to have a better grasp on how to move forward.

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