Colorado man charged with drug possession, maintains innocence

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In many situations, when illegal drug activity is suspected, numerous individuals can be accused of being involved. As a result, an individual could be charged with drug possession, though they potentially may not have been directly involved. In such a case, an individual may wish to take advantage of an opportunity to present evidence to prove their innocence.

One Colorado man believes he is innocent, though he was taken into custody for serious drug charges. The man alleges that he was out walking his dogs when authorities arrested him and that he did not have any drugs on him at the time. Authorities had allegedly searched his home last month. He is facing charges of possession of controlled substances, marijuana concentrates and a dangerous weapon.

The suspect reportedly stated that he was in possession of a handgun, but that he had no marks on his record that would make it illegal for him to own it. He also purportedly mentioned that his wife had possibly been involved in some sort of activity, but that he was not involved. She was among over 20 others who have also been taken into custody in relation to a meth-ring investigation.

The accused man has expressed concern over the impact such allegations will have on his business, as he is self-employed. He has maintained his innocence in the situation, and as a result, he may wish to explore his legal options in preparing and presenting a defense against the allegations he currently faces. Being charged with drug possession can have a significant impact on his life and employment, and information on Colorado state laws relevant to his circumstances could potentially help him create a meaningful defense, if that is the route he wishes to pursue.

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