Colorado man faces kidnapping, attempted murder charges

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Serious crimes can often come with severe consequences if individuals are apprehended by authorities and convicted of charges. If a person is accused of a serious crime, such as attempted murder, understanding the options available to them for moving forward with their case could be vital information. Therefore, accused parties may wish to take advantage of local resources that could provide them with helpful information on their situation.

A man in Colorado may be looking to learn more about his options after being taken into custody on charges of kidnapping and attempted murder. The charges allegedly stem from an incident in which a woman was purportedly assaulted and shot. The woman was found and transported to a hospital where she was able to provide authorities with information on the alleged suspects.

Another man was reportedly involved in the alleged event, but authorities are not certain of his location at this time. If he is found, he could presumably be facing similar charges as the suspect currently in custody. Authorities are requesting the assistance of anyone who may have information on the alleged attack.

Kidnapping and attempted murder charges are serious allegations that could leave the suspect currently in custody facing jail time or other severe penalties. As a result, he may wish to determine which route he feels will best benefit his situation. Colorado laws and information on criminal proceedings relating to his case could provide him with needed knowledge as he attempts to make vital decisions at this time. If he is able to provide information on the additional suspect, he could possibly be able to use that information to negotiate a plea bargain or proceed with another defense strategy.

Source: The Gazette, Police arrest man sought in kidnapping, assault of woman in Colorado Springs, No author, Jan. 4, 2014


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