Alleged restraining order violation leads to charges in Colorado

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In some cases, a couple’s relationship can become one that is more fraught with arguments and anger rather than happiness. While many couples can face difficulties, some situations can escalate into one party feeling the need to gain a restraining order against another party. In some cases, such a protective order may come about due to exaggerated circumstances, but if one is put in place, an individual could face serious consequences for violating such an order.

A Colorado man is currently being sought by law enforcement reportedly due to warrants for several allegations. The man had allegedly been released from jail on bond and went against his bond conditions. Presumably, the action which violated his terms was that of allegedly contacting an individual who had a protection order against the suspect.

The events involving the suspect initially began when authorities were purportedly called due to the suspect violating the same protection order earlier this year. He was later allegedly involved in a chase with authorities, which resulted in his being shot by an officer. He has been charged with attempted assault on a police officer, violating a protection order, eluding authorities and other allegations.

The accused man has a court date currently set for Feb. 19 that should address the issues of the restraining order violation and other charges. Until that time, the man way wish to learn more about his legal situation and Colorado criminal proceedings that could relate to his situation. By gaining knowledge on what he could potentially face, the accused party may be better able to present a defense, if that is the course he chooses.

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