Colorado driver taken into custody for DUI after hit and run

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Driving under the influence is a mistake that an unfortunate number of individuals make every day. In some cases, these mistakes can result in a serious accident taking place that could involve someone losing their life. However, there could be other circumstances that could contribute to a DUI accident, and authorities should investigate a situation thoroughly before leveling any unnecessary charges against a suspected individual.

A driver in Colorado could potentially face serious charges after an accident allegedly took place along a stretch of interstate. According to reports, a pedestrian was walking along the roadway when he was hit by a passing driver. The driver reportedly did not stop when the accident took place, but authorities did pull a suspected vehicle over.

The driver of that vehicle was detained by authorities for suspicion of driving under the influence. It was not mentioned in the report why the officers believed the driver to have been drinking before operating the vehicle. It was mentioned that the pedestrian that was hit suffered fatal injuries and was declared dead at an area hospital.

Because the potential DUI accident resulted in a fatality, the driver could face an array of allegations. As a result, she may wish to learn more about her legal situation in order to assess what options may be available to her. Those options could potentially include creating a defense against any charges filed against her. If this is the route she wishes to pursue, she may want to review any evidence that the prosecution could be planning to use. Colorado criminal laws and proceedings relating to DUI may be able to help her as she works through her situation.

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