Colorado driver pleads guilty to DUI

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When a driver makes the mistake of driving under the influence, other drivers may take notice of suspicious behavior and report it to the authorities. If this takes place, a driver could be stopped by law enforcement and potentially charged with DUI. After being suspected of such a violation, a driver will likely have to enter into court proceedings, and as a result, the suspect may also wish to determine which legal routes might be right for them.

A Colorado driver who was accused of DUI recently pleaded guilty to the charges that she faced. The situation began when other drivers reportedly informed authorities of a slow traveling vehicle that was swerving. Authorities apparently stopped the vehicle, and there was a container of vodka in the passenger floorboard of the vehicle.

After conducting tests, it was reported that the driver’s blood-alcohol level was over three times the legal limit. The test allegedly gave a result of .248. As the driver pleaded guilty to the DUI charge, she now awaits sentencing, which is set to take place in May.

Because the driver entered a guilty plea, it is possible that she may have worked out a plea bargain for her DUI situation. If this is the case, she could potentially receive a lesser sentence than if she had been otherwise convicted. If individuals find themselves in similar situations, they may wish to look in Colorado state laws concerning DUI and related proceedings to determine whether a plea bargain could be right for their situation or whether they would like to venture down other legal paths.

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