Colorado man charged with felonies in relation to bicycle thefts

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When an individual makes the mistake of traveling down the wrong path in life, serious consequences could result. In some unfortunate cases, parties could find themselves charged with felonies that could come with severe punishments if they are convicted. As a result, accused parties could find legal information on their particular situations beneficial.

An individual in Colorado may be looking at his legal options after being taken into custody for alleged bicycle theft. Reports state that the man purportedly stole 43 bicycles in the Boulder area. He is currently facing over 35 charges in relation to the reported thefts, and 29 of those allegations are felonies.

The monetary value of the bicycles stolen reportedly came to approximately $147,000. The bicycles were purportedly taken from a variety of locations, including an area high school, but the majority took place at business locations. At this time, none of the bicycles reportedly taken have been found. Exploring the evidence against him could be an action the man wishes to take.

Being charged with felonies is a very serious matter, and the accused party will likely wish to approach the situation in a thoughtful manner. Therefore, he may wish to learn more about his situation and what options could be the best to take advantage of. Plea bargains and defense presentations could provide varying benefits depending on the specific circumstances of the man’s legal predicament. By looking into Colorado criminal laws and proceedings, the individual may be better able to determine which paths might be better for him and which might provide a preferable outcome.

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