Colorado man could face serious criminal charges after chase

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When an individual attempts to flee from authorities, a situation can escalate very quickly. Depending on how the individual handles the situation, many serious criminal charges could stem from an event that appears to be out of control. As a result, the party may need to find out more information about how to deal with their pending legal situation.

A man in Colorado is currently facing several charges after he allegedly led authorities on a chase after hijacking multiple vehicles. The first vehicle reportedly stolen had a 4-year-old child in the backseat. The suspect later left that car and went on to allegedly steal two others. Neither the child nor the drivers of the vehicles were reported as being injured during the event.

A police officer was purportedly injured while he was attempting to lay “stop sticks” on the road in an attempt to stop the suspect. The man allegedly hit the officer as he drove by. The suspect was taken into custody after he was involved in a collision with another vehicle and attempted to flee the scene.

The suspect at this time could face serious criminal charges such as attempted murder, kidnapping and others. Due to the nature of these allegations, the man may wish to look into Colorado state laws to learn more about what he could face as his case moves forward. While learning more, he may also wish to determine how he would like to handle his side of the situation and whether creating a criminal defense or potentially working out a plea bargain could be right for his circumstances.

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